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  • Pennaeth / Headteacher - Mrs A. Tucknutt B.Ed.(Hons), NPQH
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Promoting attendance

The foundation for good attendance is a strong partnership between the school, parents/ carers and pupils.

We will ensure that our pupils are made aware of the importance of good attendance and how this will benefit them; we will use a variety of strategies to intervene at an early stage to encourage improved attendance of individual learners.The home school agreement contains details of how we will work with parents and carers and our expectations of what they will need to do to ensure pupils’ achieve good attendance.

Leave of absence/holidays in term time

Leave of absence during term time will be discouraged. Parents and carers do not have the automatic right to withdraw their children from school for an annual holiday and will be reminded of the effect that absence can have on a pupil’s potential achievement.

Parents and carers must apply in advance for permission for their child to have leave of absence. The school will consider any application for leave of absence, taking into account factors such as the time of year and overall attendance pattern of the pupil. It is good practice to invite parents to school to discuss any proposals, prior to an application being made.

In order to decrease the numbers of unauthorised absences parents are contacted by our school administrator when the registers close at 9.20 am, if their child has not arrived for school.


The school works closely with the Education Welfare Officer regarding concerns of pupils who have below 93% attendance.